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India too wield influence

Reuters today: India's Adani Group weighs $3 bln investment in Vietnam "India's Adani Group is exploring the possibility to invest up to $3 billion in seaport and renewable energy proj...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by MisterCox

Trivia Question 3346

What classical music inspired theme theme music for TV's Alfred Hitchock Presents...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by BrotherDocs

Thoughts About a Few Crazy Incidents

I was just reading about that young idiot who crashed into the gates of the White House with a U-Haul truck. What gets me is with a name like Sai Varshith Kandula, you've got to know he isn'...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by AmalaTsering

Stevie Nicks Concert #2

Went to see Stevie Nicks for the second time on Monday. She put on another amazing show. We left around 4:30 to get to Hope and RJ's apartment, grabbed some dinner and off we went. RJ drove since...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Troll2016

It's done!

All 21,953 words or 50 pages of Novella done! It kinda reads between a paranormal story and Hallmark movie LOL I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep going with it. I might, just because I'm ha...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Who's There?

The SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, a subsidiary of the State University of New York , located in Oneonta, NY is offering a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Knock Knock jokes. The courses...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by merchandiser


If there are many genders, why does gender reassignment surgery offer only two options...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Jayyyohhh

Summer's Comin'

As broken-hearted as I am about my home town becoming a hub of Middle Eastern culture, in my 16 year old mind it is still the greatest place on earth to be a teen and enjoy the life of hot rods, cruis...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by bigfatdaddy

Crone's Keep - World of Swirl

Well now...I was going to write something this morning to bring those who care up to date on what's been happening in my little world recently. Things like the Paint~n~Snack thing my CEOS club d...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by moptop55

Just life

Had to get glasses before the deadline of May 21, today... which obviously is a weekend. They Finally arrived yesterday. Now I have to go back to the doctor to have him sign off on my DOT physical, wh...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Moving Along

What a year it has been so far. I was set to have surgery March 6, but because of some teeth issues, I had to put it off. I got 13 teeth pulled and upper dentures. Now, July 11, I will get my new hip...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by mountainbiker65

Streaming Reviews May 2023 Part 2

1) "The Yellow Birds"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 30 minutes--Synopsis: 2 young soldiers develop a deep friendship during the war before tragedy strikes--the survivor of the 2 suffers f...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by greatmartin

Bill Barr is his own worst enemy. From the American Thinker

From the American Thinker May 21, 2023 Bill Barr Is His Own Worst Enemy By J.B. Shurk Uniparty propagandist and Deep State shill Bill Barr is waddling from one television studio to the next to tell a...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by tjdonegan

Do you do quick simple meals on weekends for dinner?

I seem to always eat differently on weekends than during the week. I did that when I was working and still keep the habit. Tonight will be half a large pizza and Sunday night I'll have the other...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by sfeastbay

If you've been waiting for the white hats to rescue the republic,...

..., look in the mirror: We are the white hats, and the restoration of freedom, justice and liberty in America is coming down to us and no one else . MIKE ADAMS I interviewed Steve Bannon and what he...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by FedUpToHere


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